Pros and Cons of Rollup Commercial Garage Doors

What are rollup commercial garage doors? Rollup commercial garage doors are mainly small, steel, horizontal-like panels that roll up as you open the garage (hence the name). These doors are used mostly for commercial facilities like warehouses, storage facilities and other businesses. Though they look like regular garage doors, they are constructed different using different materials. Safety and durability are usually the factors considered paramount during construction of commercial garage doors.

Compared to residentail garage doors which usually slide over your head when opened, overhead commercial garage doors are more durable than other garage doors. They may be very plain looking and can also be built to look like wood. You see rollup commercial garage doors in urban areas like condominiums and storage-rental facilities. Although roll up commercial garage doors have benefits, these garage doors also have their disadvantages.

Pros of rollup commercial garage doors


Rollup commercial garage doors are easiy to operate. You can customize the commercial garage doors to have it operate by a motor or you can crank it manually, by hand.


Rollup commercial garage doors can be furnished from wood, steel, aluminum or fiber glass and comes in a variety of colors. You can also have the garage match the colors of the building and include your logo by putting decals to the panels of the garage. You can also customize it to fit any garage opening.


Because of the materials used in rollup commercial garage doors, they are extremely durable. They can withstand any weather and are able to stand strong and still look presentable after many years of use.

Cons of rollup commercial garage doors


Compared to other garage doors, high-quality rollup commercial garage doors are expensive due to some of the material used in creating the doors. By purchasing a cheaper commercial garage door, you sacrifice the quality and some of the durability.

Noise factor

Commercial roll up garage doors are very noisy and depending on where you live, it may become annoying to use. If you live in an urban neighborhood, this might not be an issue.


Installing a roll up commercial garage door can be quite tricky and require more than one person. Also it is advised that the panels be painted before installing, for it can create a mess in your garage should you decide to change the color after installation.

Aesthetic Value

Because rollup commercial overhead garage doors are used mostly in commercial facilities, the way they look is not usually a consideration. Fit and safety are considered more important.

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