Garage Door Track Maintenance

Unfortunately, over time, the tracks on the garage door of your house will need to be repaired, or even replaced altogether. It may be because something has gotten caught up in the track, such as dirt or any other debris, or it could be just a normal depreciation issue or upkeep situation. Read on to discover the simple ways that will help keep your garage door in good working condition.

Be sure to inspect the garage door tracks for dents or any other kind of damage. It is likely that you will be able to push out any minor flaws with a rubber mallet or hammer. However, if you notice any severe damage, replacing the tracks entirely is the best way to go. You will also need to make sure the tracks are flush with each other and even. If this is not the case, you should loosen the brackets that are used for mounting and tap the tracks until they are in line with each other and leaning just a little toward the back of the garage.

The following is a few effortless maintenance tips. Keep the tracks clean. Clear all the dirt and trash from the tracks. Use a sturdy, brush-like tool to sweep out the dust and muck. To finish the job, you may want to follow with a household cleaner to obtain a deeper clean. Keeping the tracks well-oiled is also a very good idea. You can either use a specialized garage door grease spray or powdered graphite. While you are performing these basic maintenance chores, keep an eye on the nuts, bolts, and fasteners. If you discover that any are loose, tighten them right away. A smart thing to do would be to make a calendar schedule of these events so you can make garage door track maintenance a part of your regular daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

These steps will help aid the preservation of your garage door and its tracks. You should be able to do most of them on your own. However, for some it may be worth the time and effort to call in a professional to do the job just to have peace of mind and reassure yourself that it was handled efficiently.


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