How to buy the right size garage door opener

If you’re like most homeowners, you rarely think about your garage door opener unless it is broken or it becomes too old and needs replacing. Choosing the right garage door opener is crucial. If you make wrong decisions, it can cost you hundreds of dollars to pay a professional to fix. It is important as a homeowner to go over certain tips before settling for a garage door opener.

Listed below are things you should consider as a homeowner before buying a garage door opener.

Motors (drives)

You must determine what type of drive you want for your garage. Drives are what lift the garage door. There are three types of drives: belt drives, chain drives, and screw drives. Belt drives are the most expensive, but they are the smoothest, the quickest and make less noise. Chain drives are the cheapest and can lift more weight, but chain drives are the noisiest. Screw drives are durable and quieter than chain drives, but screw drives can be expensive as well.


How much horsepower you need is determined by how the garage door is constructed. Steel and wood garage doors are heavier and require a minimum of ½ ton horsepower. Aluminum garage doors are lighter and require less horsepower to move.


Most people are concerned with safety and rightfully so. Today garage door openers have built in security features. Make sure that the garage door opener you choose contains a security system that can prevent break ins and provide a mechanism that allows the garage door to be disconnected from the garage door opener in the case of entrapment.

Remote Controls

Remote controls makes it convenient to open and close your garage door without having to get out, open your garage door manually, drive your car in the garage and manually close the garage door. Be sure that the garage door of your choosing comes with the number remote controls that meet your needs. If not, you can buy the remote controls as accessories but that is an additional cost you may be able to avoid by choosing the right door opener to begin with.


Each garage door opener comes with warranty. Most garage door openers last three years or more. Some warranties may go beyond the three year period and it is important that that garage door opener you settle on has warranty.


Make sure to go over the safety mechanism of the garage door opener of your choice. Be sure the garage door opener will stop and lift the garage door when it hits an obstruction or sensors detect movement under the garage door. If not the door will continue to close regardless of what’s in its way which can potentially become dangerous.


Determine if you want to install the garage door opener yourself or pay a professional to install the opener for you. If you choose to install the opener yourself, there are self-installed openers on the market that come with rails that you have to assemble. It is advised that you seek a garage door professional to install the door opener.


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