How to prevent garage break-ins

Garage door security is extremely important to the safety of you, your family and your residence, especially if it is an attached garage. Nothing is more important than safety so we have several ways for you to protect your residence, family and belongings.

In addition to providing a place to keep your vehicle and other belongings, a garage can also provide easy access to your home for a potential burglar. A little known fact is that your garage door remote can easily be cloned or copied using a universal remote. Garage door security has been compromised over the years because technology has allowed criminals to obtain the codes they need to open your garage door.

Secure garage door access door

To help prevent break-ins through your garage, always make sure that the access door from the garage to your home is securely locked. It may have never crossed your mind that this door is an easy access point for an unwanted person to enter but it is. If that unwanted person has cloned your garage door remote and the door to your house is unlocked then there is nothing stopping them. Your garage access door should be of good construction, either hardwood or metal, and should have a dead bolt lock.

Change garage door remote control code

Another way to prevent a break-in is to change the code of your garage door remote on a regular basis. Changing the garage door remote code is simple and will provide additional security for your home and family.

Secure your vehicle

Having your vehicle stolen from your own garage can be a very upsetting misfortune. In addition to keeping your home secure, you also want to keep your vehicle secure too. After exiting your car be sure to lock the doors in the event that someone has cloned your garage door opener.

Protect your garage door remote

It is also important to make sure that you protect your garage door remote from being stolen from your car when parked in a public area. Keep your garage remote in your vehicle where it cannot be seen by others and lock your doors.

Finally, consult your local garage door service professional in Houston, Texas if you have any questions about your garage door remote controls. As Houston garage door professionals, Lone Star Garage Door works with garage door remotes every day and we have the training to answer any questions.


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