Opening an Automatic Garage Door During a Power Outage

If you are a homeowner, you probably have an automatic garage door opener. They are a convenient luxury that can easily be taken for granted. But, when you lose all electrical power, they can quickly ruin your day. You have a very busy day ahead of you and can't get in or out of your garage. Few people know what to do when faced with these circumstances. Below is the process you should follow when you need to open your garage door when confronted with a power failure.

You will need to look for a rope with a handle on it hanging down from the track of the garage door. The rope will be short and the handle will be red and shaped like a "T". When you pull the T-shaped handle, the door will be released from the drive chain or belt. By doing this, you will be able to manually operate the door. Take hold of the inside of the door and delicately pull up. There is a possibility that the door may come to a stop before it is fully open. If this happens, lightly push on the bottom edge. This push should send the garage door the rest of the way up. If the door has a manual lock, you may need to release it before it can be opened. Now, make certain you secure the garage door back to the automatic garage door unit. Ensure that the part that pulls the door up and down, called the carriage unit, is closest to the middle of the garage where the motor is located. Once you do this, you can pull the release rope and push the door all the way up until you hear a click.

Something to bear in mind, your garage door may not have a manual lock once disconnected from the garage door opener. You may not be able to lock your garage door until the power comes back on if you disengage your garage door to open when the power is out. You will still be able to close it, though. So, if it is not certain how long your power will be off, it would probably be better to leave your garage door closed and locked.


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