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One way to save money and improve your home’s value and appearance is to keep the garage door attractive. By their nature, garage doors will get dinged and suffer scrapes. The door is exposed to the elements; it can fade, chip or rust. Painting the garage door will extend its life, change and modernize your home’s appearance, and add curb appeal for a home on the market. This is a simple fix and is not complicated. Important - remember to wait 24 hours after the door is painted before using it. There are three steps to the process.

1. Watch the weather. Keep the weather in the forefront of your thoughts as you begin this project. In Houston, this should be done after the winter months are definitely finished. In order for the paint to dry properly, the temperature needs to be neither too hot nor too cold. Also, there needs to be several days without rain, so watch the weather forecast closely.

2. Prepare the door for painting. All surfaces should be sanded. Remove any peeling paint or rust, if the door is metal. Cover exposed metal with sealing primer if metal is exposed by the sanding.

Next, clean the door thoroughly. Use a power washer on its lowest setting. A sponge and water with detergent will work. Pay close attention to the bottom of the door, as that is where most grime build-up will occur. This is probably the most difficult step in prepping.

Tape the door’s edges. Place plastic, tarp or another cover under the door to protect the garage floor/driveway from the paint. This can be done by raising the door, placing the covering, and then lowering the door.

3. Prime and Paint. The next step is adding a coat of primer. Unless you are starting painting a light color that is very similar to the former color, a primer is required. Be certain to use a primer appropriate for external use.

Outdoor surfaces require a latex paint. Paint in thin layers, and let each coat dry before you start the next coat. Use a roller for large surfaces and a small brush for edges or details.

Do not use the door until the paint is thoroughly dry. In Houston, this could take more than a day.


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