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While many people replace their old garage door with a new one that is similar, you don’t have to stick with the same material. Garage doors today are available in a wide range of different materials.

Choosing a garage door material doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by looking over the following materials, and choose your garage door based on your budget and preferences.

Steel is a popular garage door material. Durability, strength, and low maintenance make steel doors are especially popular for people who want a garage door that will last. Steel doors come in a wide range of colors, and can be painted any color to match your home.

Cons: Steel garage doors are not recommended for coastal areas, as they are prone to corrosion. When choosing a steel door, it’s important to consider the thickness factor. Steel doors are available in varying thicknesses. The thicker the panel, the more dent-resistant the door is.

Aluminum garage doors are a budget-friendly alternative to steel doors. They are available in a wide variety of styles and are able to be painted as well. Much like steel garage doors, aluminum garage doors are relatively low-maintenance. Aluminum doors are more suited to coastal areas, and are less prone to rust.

Cons: Aluminum doors are more prone to dents than thicker paneled steel doors are, and are best suited for homes where there is a lower chance of impacts.

Wood garage doors are one of the most stylish materials available, and can add a touch of classic beauty to your home’s exterior. Wood is a common material for the ever-popular carriage door style of garage door. While proper maintenance a wooden garage door can last for years, providing a beautiful, timeless look to any home.

Cons: Wood garage doors require the most maintenance, and require yearly stain or paint touchups to keep them looking their best.

Wood Composite
Wood composite garage doors are low maintenance and long lasting. Wood composite doors are made from recycled wood products and are both durable and strong. While wood composite doors have the appeal of wood, they and are less likely to split or rot than wood.

Cons: Wood composite doors are often considerably more costly than real wood garage doors.

Fiberglass garage doors are lightweight and resistant to salt water, and are popular in coastal areas since they are the least susceptible to water damage or corrosion.

Cons: Fiberglass garage doors deteriorate easily if they are exposed to frequent, cold temperatures. They are also lightweight, and are not recommended for areas that experience frequent high winds.

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