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Cracks in your garage floor or driveway are unsightly and will only get worse over time. These instructions will allow you to repair these for a cost of less than $50.  The materials and tools  you will need are a tube of motor repair, concrete patch material, concrete sealer, a steel brush, a bucket or similar container, a caulking gun, and a trowel.

Clean the cracks and damaged concrete.  Whether you are repairing large or small cracks, cleaning the concrete is the first step.  Rinse the crack with water and allow it to dry thoroughly.  Use a steel scrub brush to dislodge loose particles and pebbles from the crack or hole.  You can use a shop vac to clean up the debris, although a stiff brush and moistened rag will also work.

For small cracks, use the motor repair. Fill the caulking tube with the repair paste. Fill in the small cracks, forcing it into the crack to seal it and prevent water from leaking into the concrete.  You can use your hand to smooth the mortar.

Repairing larger cracks and holes is a bit more complicated. Mix the concrete patch, obtainable at a hardware or home repair store, in the bucket, and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.   Using the trowel, fill the holes with the concrete patch mixture.  Repair immediately after putting the mixture together.  Push the patch mixture into the holes until they are firmly filled; make sure there are no air pockets.  Build up missing segments of concrete.  Smooth the concrete patch with the trowel.  Repairing the cracks before they get too large will save money in the long run.  After the patch has cured, use concrete sealer to prevent water from entering the repair an undoing you hard work.  The damaged spot is prone to reoccurring.  Sealing concrete can prevent damage from occurring as quickly.


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