Steel vs. Wood Garage Doors

Whether you’re building a new home, doing renovations on your house, or it’s just time to replace your garage door, finding the right one for your property is key. Not only do you want to pick door which looks great, but you want to be certain that your hard earned money is spent well. While both steel and wood garage doors can be great investments, each type of door comes with certain advantages and disadvantages.

Wood Garage Doors

Many homeowners elect to buy a wood garage door because of their beautiful natural look. There are hundreds of different and stunning types of woods and grains to choose from when it comes to a wood garage door, and a certain look may be just right for your home or region.

In addition, this type of garage door can be stained or painted in a variety of colors, which will come in handy down the line if you decide to paint your home a new color. Wood garage doors can also easily accommodate windows.

The price of a wood garage door varies, depending on the type of wood that’s used and the size of the door. Many wood doors are reasonably priced, however, wood is prone to weather damage as well as scratches and dents overtime. In other words, you may need to refurbish or replace a wood garage door sooner than you would a steel one.

Steel Garage Doors

A lot of people elect to buy a steel garage door, however, due to their durability and affordability. Most steel garage doors are cheaper than their wood counterparts and also come in a variety of colors.

Steel is much harder than wood, and as a result, this type of garage door is not as likely to get damaged by the weather or your kids playing sports out front. That said, due to their hardness, a steel door can be harder to refurbish if it does get dented or gouged. Most steel garage doors are cheaper than their wood counterparts and also come in a variety of colors.

If you’re considering buying a steel garage door you might want to buy one that comes with insulation. Steel doors don’t absorb noise well and can be noisy without insulation to dampen sound. Insulated doors also keep the heat or cool air in and reduce your bills!