Steps to buying the right garage door for your home in Houston, Texas

Garage doors have changed in recent years from the one-size-fits-all models. Today, garage doors are easily customizable to fit the consumer’s taste.

Whether you need a new garage door for a new home or upgrading your existing door, these are a few things that will help you select the right garage door for your home in Houston, Texas.

1. Start by pick the right material for your garage door

There are two main types of garage doors; steel and wood. Steel garage doors last long and require the least maintenance. They also give you the additional benefit of selecting from one, two or three layer designs for noise reduction and extra strength. The advantage of garage doors made of wood is their beauty and feeling of warmth. Steel may be the right door material for you due to weather conditions. Steel doors typically work in most regions while wood garage doors may not be suitable in areas with a lot of rain like Houston, Texas.

2. Select the best color for your new garage door

It is possible these days to get garage doors in just about any color as manufacturers continue to broaden their offer to satisfy everyone’s taste and desire. The color you choose may depend on your homeowner association. Some local associations impose strict conditions on color, styles and materials of garage doors and may require the color of your garage door to meet certain restrictions. Consult your neighborhood or homeowner association before shopping for new garage doors to make sure there are no restrictions you need to meet.

3. Consider the garage door ROI

Keep in mind the cost of the new door when you shop for that perfect door. Buying a very expensive door that does not add equal or higher value relative to price, to your home may not be the right decision. Look at all your choices, decide if adding a custom-made garage door, for example, to your home is worth the investment, and adds enough return on investment (ROI) to justify the additional expense.

4. Consider the right garage door style for your home

Garage door styles may differ from one neighborhood to the next depending on the price of the homes. Consider curb appeal when deciding on the garage door style. The appearance of your home affects the amounts of money prospective buyers are willing to offer for the home when it is time to sell. Since garage door is nearly half of your home’s front exterior and the largest moving part of your home, it is important that you choose the style of your garage door deliberately.

5. Look at the garage door manufacturer’s safety record

In Houston, Texas, we have to deal with hurricanes and high winds occasionally so it may be necessary to select your garage door based on factors like wind and hurricane resistance. Choose a garage door that meets your local government and association ordinances especially if your home is in restricted area. Because wind load requirements vary, consider door size, location on the home, wind zones and other conditions when selecting your new garage door.

6. Consult your Houston, Texas garage door specialist

Consult your local garage door service professional in Houston, Texas before deciding on the right garage door for you. As garage door professionals, Lone Star Garage Door Houston works with garage doors every day and we have the training to answer any questions. We also know local zoning, wind force, color, style and homeowner association needs. Contact Lone Star Garage Doors Houston today for all your garage door needs.


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