Steps to Fixing a Malfuntioning Garage Door

If you have a malfunctioning garage door, there are numerous steps that you must take to properly fix it. Before you can go ahead and fix the garage door, you need to first troubleshoot it. There are a number of common problems that will cause a garage door to malfunction, and while it isn’t necessarily one of these problems, it is still wise to start addressing potential problems with these ones.

The power source is often the problem when garage doors cease to malfunction. If the garage door doesn’t move at all, it is likely a power source problem. With that being said, however, there can still be a power source problem and the garage door can still move. Often times there will just be a simple problem with the plug or the socket. This is a fairly easy problem to fix, and often times the plug has just come loose.

Check the tracks of the garage door for any problems with the structure of it. Often times there can be debris blocking the garage door from freely moving up and down the garage door track. If the track is clear of debris, assess the structure of the garage door tracks themselves. Often times the garage door tracks can become warped over time, resulting in the garage door from being unable to close properly.

If there is a problem with the garage door tracks, for example, if they are bent, you can often bend them back into the proper shape. While it is advisable that you have a professional do this for you, you can do it yourself. Be careful to not use excessive force, however. Excessive force can make the problem even worse and it can lead to the track bending in the opposite direction, which can lead to the weakening of the material.


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